Your daily reminder.

It’s easy to overlook, but underwear is part of your daily ritual, too.

We believe in the power of starting your day with positive self-talk.

This is why we embroidered every Candeur underwear with a little reminder from us to you.

So that every single day, as you reach into your top drawer, you remember to keep your head high, to take care, and to live each day with Candeur. 

We don’t settle.

We believe sustainable sourcing, ethical manufacturing, and size inclusivity to be the bare minimum. To us, this means replacing petroleum-derived synthetic fabrics with recycled nylon made out of plastic water bottles. It means reducing our carbon footprint by keeping all of our production and suppliers close to home. It means spending more than the “industry standard” to do the right thing

So yes, we’re more expensive than the 7 for $30 underwear pack you can find at your “neighborhood” conglomerate or fast fashion e-shop, but that’s because we’re putting the planet first. Every building block of our business is aimed against dismantling an oil-dependent apparel industry and a global plastic crisis.  

We’re driven to make an impact by reducing our impact.


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